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    Comfortable apartment in 5 minutes from the centre of San Sebastian. In the first floor of a majestic building... combines the confortability and the tranquility with the proximity with the city centre. THE APARTMENT Bedrooms Guests Surface Toilets BOOK NOW VIRTUAL TOUR The apartment has an espacious and stance that has living room and kitchen and also has, a large window to Atotxa Street. It has, also, a main bedroom with a double bed and two individuals bedrooms. We must remark that is recently reformed and is decorated very well and that has all kind of comodities. Tabakalera apartment is confortable and quiet. Is located in a quiet zone of the city near the centre. In the Egia neighbordhood that has the renovated cultural building of Tabakalera. THE ZONE Tabakalera Is the main cultural building in the city. Is composed of different spaces where are exhibitions, conference rooms and Kubik. This one is a creation library, that no have only books, also has space where you can learn. Pizzeria Paparazzi Near the apartment, in the Egia zone, is the Paparazzi Pizza. Is one of the authentic italian pizza. Gros neighbordhood Is the most actual neighbordhood in San Sebastian, is very close of the apartment. So is very recomenable to walk through the streets to eat in bars and restaurants. Keeping calm with the breeze
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    It has been a troubled spring for everyone. After the impact of confinement in Spain and throughout the world. It's time to go out again and enjoy holidays again. We cannot afford to stay home out of "fear" or "caution." For this reason, at Always Easy we want you to come to San Sebastián with the maximum guarantees and that you only worry about enjoying your holidays. For this we have prepared our apartments and our offices to receive as normally as possible.     WELCOME GUESTS The first direct contact. For you to check in with the maximum guarantees, we have hydroalcoholic gel and a mask for those who require it. We leave you the video of our director where he explains the details Welcome Guests video We also have our Key boxes, small mailboxes where you can collect your key and a small map without having to enter the office. But, in case you need help, directions or resolve any questions, we will be happy to assist you. We have redistributed the office following the current regulations for the containment of the coronavirus. We leave you a virtual tour of our office. VIRTUAL TTOUR VIRTUALOUR MEASURES TAKEN IN THE APARTMENTS FOR THE CORONAVIRUS. The most important measures we have carried out have obviously been in those places where guests are going to spend their holidays. We have prepared our apartments so that the guest feels, as we have always said, like at home. We leave you the link to the video of our HouseKeeper Eloísa where we explain how we clean our apartments. HOW WE CLEAN OUR APARTMENTS First of all we have spaced the days between the guest entrances so that we can clean each apartment more thoroughly. Each apartment is clean in depth, as we have done so far. However, now we do a second review, this time with hydroalcoholic gel. In this way we ensure that the coronavirus disappears and we disinfect the apartments as required by law. Another very important measure is that our cleaners are protected with a mask, gloves and a boliersuite. We must also take into account the textile part. Both our linens and towels are washed by an industrial laundry, always setting the guidelines for the washing temperature, to end any trace of COVID-19. Therefore, we can affirm that in Always easy to find completely coronavirus-free apartments for you to spend a good holiday in San Sebas
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