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Walk in San Sebastian between its buidings is a great experience because of its architectonic wealth... in its streets we can see the different architectonic styles of XIX and XX centuries. In fact, the most of the city centre buildings are protected by law.. but also there are protected buildings in the other neigbordhoods. 

Architectonic styles in San sebastian

Belle Epoque: a lot of buidings are of this time. Is the french style. This style ins San Sebastian appears when the queen Maria Cristina started to come on hollidays to San Sebastian. And with her all the spanish aristicrazy. Os this style are, for example: the town hall, Maria Cristina hotel, La Perla building and many of buildings in the city centre.

Neoclasicism: After the baroque, is the style that looks for the funcionality. Examples: Tha Good Sheppard cathedral and the Constitution square.

Racionalism: the racionalism and the Bauhaus school are also present in San Sebastian. We have some examples of  this style in some buidings like Equitativa, and the famous Club Nautico...


Some of protected buildings

Aldamar street: now there are the Pincipe Cinemas it was a theatre.

Boulevard: is the music square of modernist style.

Bretxa Building: It was emptied, there are still the four f originals facades, the main is of neoclassic style.

Alderdi Eder park: In front of the town hall. It was bulded after 1910 it mains the scultures, the fonts and the tamarices.

La Perla: La Perla building is the result of a reform of 1933 after the demolition of the original that was done in wood.

Caseta Real de Baños: beside La Perla, there is a samll buiding of 1910. This was also made of wood and was for the royal family.

Contitucion Place: Neoclassic style and is builded in 1824. Its simple style is as the same style as the other buildings in the Old Part.

The public toilets in Easo Square: They are signaled by a column

Gipuzkoa Square gardens: Done in 1877 by the municipal gardener, Pierre Ducasse. Stand out the metereologic system and the flower clock.

Real Club Naútico: Very famous example of the racionalism architecture. Built in 1929... it seems a boat in the port.

The lighthouse of Santa Clara island: Actually there is a project where is being emptying and there will be a big sculture inside.

Easo street building: it was the firefighter station. There will be the council oficces.

Guipuzcoano bank:  1900 building.... there is a small square in the access to the buiding. Stands out the cupola with the clock.

Maria Cristina bridge: It was an example of the use of concrete in bridges.

Maria Cristina Hotel:  Built in 1912, is with the Victoria Eugenia theatre an inseparable  group.

Reina Regente gardens: there are just in front of Boulevard. There have been many works near and now is isolated. With italian style, stands out the elevated balcony.

Victoria Eugenia theatre: Recently renovated... is with a Maria Cristina hotel an important architecture group.

Justice palacde in San Martin street: Built in 1915

Zurriola Bridge: Built in 1921... stand out the rounded lamposts.

Funicular building: started by the Maria Cristina in 1912. It has 312 meters and built  by the swiss company Von Roll Fonderie de Berne.

Ondarreta Villas:  Near Ondarreta beach, there is aa villas zone. Many of them protected buildings.

Igeldo lighthouse: Built in 1854, you can see the landscape from the terrace.

Miramar Palace: It was the summer palace of the spanish monarchy. Beautiful palace of english style that see to the sea between Ondarreta and La Concha beaches.

Tabakalera Builgding: Very big building (113X76 meters) recently reformed and converted in cultural centre.

Euskadi square building: Building known as La Equitativa, is an example Bauhaus architecture. Built in 1930, located in the entrance of 1930.

Tomas Gros, 5: We can let out of the list the building where the office of Always Easy.




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