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San Sebastian has a lot of places to visit. Whether you have never come as if it is not your first time there are places that you have to return. In Always Easy we want to recommend you to visit a special one, a magic place. From there you can see the most beautiful panoramic of the city. We talk about Igueldo Montain.

First of all we have to know that Igueldo Montain, as we know it today, was inaugurated with the Funicular in 1912. The tower, visible from any point of the city, is a copy of the tower that hosted the lighthouse of Igueldo in the XVI century.

In its inauguration the amusement park housed, apart from some attraction, a casino. However, it was closed in 1925 because the game was banned. In that decade there were already attractions that continue to function today as the Swiss mountain or the mysterious river. In the next years more attractions were added and even two cinemas that closed in the 60s.

But, why is too special visit this place?

First of all because it is one of the favorite places of the people of San Sebastian. Practically all of us keep good memories of visits with our parents when we were young. It is a place to which we all have affection.

Apart from that, take the funicular up to the viewpoint, having a coffee in their restaurant while enjoying amazing views is something that is priceless. Many of the beautiful postcards of the city have this beautiful place as a photo.

To arrive there you have different options:

First one is take the funicular, inaugurated in 1912. You can take it in Funicular Square, behind the Tenis Club. The cost is around 3€ per adult and around 2€ for children.

You can take the bus number 16 also from Gipuzkoa Square, in the city centre, or in La Concha beach, in front of Batalplan disco. The cost is 1.75€ per person.

The last option is with car through the road that goes to Igueldo lighthouse. Once you arrive to the amusement park you have to pay 2.30€ per person.



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