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One of the most visited areas of San Sebastian, if not the most, is the Old Part of San Sebastian. A place to get lost and where we can taste the best of Basque cuisine. But besides that, it is an area with a lot of history that you have to know thoroughly.

First of all we have to know that is the area between the port and Urumea River and between Urgull Montain and Boulevard Avenue. As in many cities, the Old Part of Donostia is the beginning of the city of San Sebastián. Until 1863 it was surrounded by walls, which were demolished to build what we know today as the widening or the center of the city. Until then the city had only 15,000 inhabitants.

Until then there is a date is marked to fire. It was August 31 of 1913, when almost all the houses were destroyed and burned during the War of Independence. A single street was saved and nowadays takes the name of this fateful date and that is one one of the famous ones.

The neuralgic center of the Old Part of San Sebastian is the Constitution Square, where the City Council of the city was located until the 1940s. Today it is still an important point since there are important dates such as the 20th January, San Sebastian day and party in the city, or December 21, day of St. Thomas.

Logically the two oldest churches in the city are also located in the Old Town. They are the Church of San Vicente and the Church of Santa María, and they are barely separated by 250 meters. The construction of the first one started in 1507 and the second one was finished in 1743.

Nowadays, the Old Part is the gastronomic temple of the city with streets of obligatory visit like the Fermin Calbetón, the 31 of August, Pescadería or Puerto Street.



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