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Before your arrival

¿When do I have to pay for the reservation?

When you select the apartment and the dates, you can choose between two options. Pay 25-30% of the reservation or the total amount. If you prefer the first one we will contact with you one month before for the rest of the payment. If you prefer to pay with another system, you can call us (+34943565545) and we can adapt.

If I arrive out of office schedule, ¿who can I pick the key?

If you arrive out of office schedule you don’t have to worry. Out of our office (Tomas Gros Street 5 - Gros - San Sebastian) we have small 6 key boxes where we can leave the key and you can pick up 24 hours per day. Between 48 and 72 hours before your arrival we will send you the code to open the key box. Inside you will find your key and a business card with our phone numbers if you have doubts.

During your stay

¿Where is the check in?

The check in and the delivery of the keys is the office of Always Easy (Tomas Gros Street 5 - Gros - San Sebastian) where our team will attend you. However sometimes, when we can, we meet you in the apartment.

Check in time is 3pm, ¿can I access to the apartment before?

There is no problem if the apartment is available the day before because it will be ready at the time you arrive and we can check in. But if the day before is not available, keep in mind that they can be  there until 11: 00h. At that time we will go to prepare it to have it in condition as soon as possible. The luggage can be stored in our office.

If during my stay I need to contact Always Easy, how do I do it?

We always provide you the number of our office and the mobile phone also. The last one is operational 24 hours, so if something happens to you and the office is not open you can contact us as well.

The day of the check out, can I stay after 11am?

If there is no reservation for the day, in Always Easy we are flexible and we let our guests stay. If on the other hand there is an arrival on the same day, you must leave the apartment no later than 11am.

After the check out, do I have to stop by the office?

It is not necessary. Leave both sets of keys on the table, turn off the lights and close the door.

After the stay

I forgot something in the apartment, how can I recover it?

Before or during the check-in process we will fill in a sheet with your name and a postal address to send you what you have forgotten in the apartment.

When I made the reservation I paid a deposit, how long does it take to be returned?

Usually, when you leave we check the condition of the apartment and when we see that everything is fine, we proceed to return the deposit. It must be understood that this process, especially with foreign banks, usually takes a few days.