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Saint Thomas the begining of the Christmas days in San Sebastian

If there is a day where the most traditional and authentic basque culture in San Sebastian is shown that is the December 21, St. Thomas day. It is a day in which everything is basque tradition of the villages where all kinds of products were produced for sale on the market.


Basically, it is a fair of agricultural and cattle industry products of the basque tradition. In the city center and in the Old Town of San Sebastian where hundreds of stalls are selling traditional txistorra, a type of sausage from minced pork, accompanied by cider, the traditional Basque drinks are distributed. Txistorra can be taken with bread or talo, a kind of corn cake, which was formerly used as bread in the villages.

But St. Thomas is more ...much more ... because it is a day in which all citizens participate. The stalls are run by young people from different schools, bars and businesses distribute txistorra and people dress with the traditional basque dress.


The story of the fair of Santo Tomas is the nineteenth century, when most crops were managed by tenants who paid their rental on St. Thomas day in San Sebastian. So, the baserritarras, farmers and ranchers of the zone, used that day to sell their goods and buy others that they need. So the fair of St. Thomas born, taht´s why the people come dressed with traditional costume.


The Constitution Square is the heart of the fair, where all kinds of craft products like cheese, honey, vegetables, cider, including farm animals are sold.


The main star of the day is the pig of St. Thomas. A huge pig of more than 500 kilos which is displayed in the middle of the Contitucion Square and that is drawn. But do not worry, if you're the winner, there is always some carnage offered to buy it. Throughout the day, the pig becomes the main attraction and people will see it and take pictures.


Txistorra contest, honey contest, contest farm products and even scarecrow contest: various competitions in which different products compete village are also performed.


Keeping clam with the breeze



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