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Activities in San Sebastian. La Perla, a century.. 
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San Bartolomé apartment. Beautiful penthouse in San Sebastian

Easy Rental presents this new apartment in San Sebastian. It´s a spacious penthouse in the city center, on Easo street. It was renovated in 2015 and  with just a look to the pictures you can see that  is a really fully equipped luxury apartment.




Let's start with the location. As we have mentioned, the apartment is in the heart of San Sebastian, on the corner of San Bartolome and Easo streets, two emblematic streets of the city. Easo is the longest in the city and connects the neighborhood of Amara with the beach of La Concha. We find much all type commerce  and, as we approach the beach, we will see really good bars. It is a small pintxos area with  emblematic and highly recommended establishments. The Ciaboga bar and its potato dish with garlic, Alustiza bar and its "gavilla" at San Marcial street, beside to the Easo street at the end of it, and the Bar La Espiga, where the protagonist is the product of the market and season... these are three bars that stand out. The apartment is on the closest side to the beach, just five minutes from La Concha.

Another site of interest near the flat in San Sebastian is the Buen Pastor cathedral. Built in 1897 in neo-Gothic style. Curiously, if you stand back to the main facade can make out in the background, another important religious building in San Sebastian, the Basilica of Santa Maria in the street August 31 in the Old Party. Behind the cathedral you will find the bars zone called Catholic Monarchs, with terraces where you can go at day or night.

From this beautiful penthouse you can see the convent of San Bartolomé, an historic building in the city supported on the famous wall of San Bartolome, this convent has beautiful gardens and its environment is currently reforming by the construction of a residential area.

Another aspect that stans out is the facade of the San Bartolome apartment that keeps the classic style of the Belle Epoque buildings, typical of downtown in San Sebastian. A style that prevailed in the late nineteenth century and is characterized by its majesty and French influence.


San Bartolome apartment


Having seen the pictures we realize that this is a really special apartment. Its location, the decoration and the details, tell us that  is a really luxury apartment in San Sebastian.

The apartment is on the sixth floor with elevator and it is an attic, so an authentic privilege.

The apartment has a hundred square meters in which stands up its diaphanous space in which is located the living room, kitchen and dining area, therefore it is divided into three areas: living room with a sofa for two people; TV room with two armchairs and, finally, the kitchen - dining room is fully equipped.

If you look in the kitchen, we can see that all their equipment is top quality, even the fires are gas, which provides greater control over the temperature when cooking and is more environmentally friendly. Besides all the appliances are fully integrated reinforcing its minimalist and modern look.

The decor of all this space is simple and no overloaded.  Light colors predominate such as white or gray. It reinforces the feeling of spaciousness and comfort of the stay.

The space that makes up the living room and kitchen - dining room is, of course completely outside. Let's not forget that it is an attic, so enters a lot of light. If we go outside, we have a pretty seven square meters terrace overlooking the convent of San Bartolomé which we have spoken above.

If we love the room, the rest of the house is not far away .... but let's go step by step ...

The apartment has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one twin bed. Both are exterior and decorated with a practical and minimalist style like  the rest of the house. Both bedrooms have their own wardrobe and are decorated  minimal and tastefully ... it can be an ideal apartment for four members families, for example.

Finally, there are two bathrooms, one of them integrated in one of the rooms. As with this apartment, it shows that are made with high quality materials and tastefully ... The first veige an elegant marble and the other with a combination of white and wood and with an imitation of the bricks of  the Paris subway wall.

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